Full Service Teen Driver Education
 - 32 Hours of Classroom Instruction by certified Texas Teacher
 - Learner's Permit Test
 - Online driving scheduling system, Schedule2Drive
 - 7 hours of hands-on driving instruction
 - 7 hours of driving instruction
 - Drug & Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP)
 - Up to 15% discount on insurance
 - Up to 5 free classroom make-up sessions
Payment Options:
 - Full Payment: $385
 - Payment Plan:
               1st Payment: $200 (due on first day of class)
               2nd Payment: $200 (due by  last day of class)

**DE-964 Certificate to obtain Learner's Permit will not be issued until full payment is made **

Friendswood Schedule
Clear Lake Schedule
Deer Park Schedule
 - Students must be at least 15 years old before starting our class. 
 - All classes are held on 16 consecutive days, meeting Monday - Friday, for two hours each day.
 - Students may begin testing for their learner's permit after completing the first 6 days of class.
 - A student is allowed to miss up to 5 days of class. However, each missed class must be made up whenever it is offered again.
 - Students may begin testing for their learner's permit after completing the first 6 days of class
 - After passing this test, they can go to the DPS office to obtain their permit.
 - After receiving their learner's permit, students will need to provide us with their license number to activate their account on   
   www.schedule2drive.com where they can schedule behind the wheel sessions.
 - Students must complete 7 behind-the-wheel lessons. Each lesson is two hours long: one hour of driving and one hour observation.
 - We encourage student to practice driving outside of these sessions and will provide feedback with areas for improvement.
 - Once a student has completed:
      1) 32 hours of classroom 
      2) 14 hours of behind-the-wheel with Friendswood Driving School
      3) state required supplemental 30 hours of driving with the parents and
      4) held their permit for a minimum of 6 months, and is at least 16
   they will eligible to complete the driving skills road test either with us or the DPS office as the final requirement before receiving
   their license.