Teen Driving School

Driving responsibly and safely is an important lesson for teens to learn. Students should be conditioned to drive in a healthy environment. Parents can feel confident that their kids are learning from qualified instructors who know the rules of the road while also caring for their emotional well-being.

Full Payment: $385.00
Payment Plan: $400.00

First Payment: $200.00 (due on/before the first day of class)
Second Payment: $200.00 (due on/before the last day of class)

-Certificates Will Not Be Released Until Final Balance Is Paid in Full.

A non-refundable deposit of $25 is required for classroom reservation.


- 32 hours of Classroom Instruction
- 14 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Instruction
- Texas Driver Handbook
- Learner’s Permit Test
- Drug & Alcohol Driving Awareness Program*
- Registration
- Free Classroom Make-up Sessions (up to 5)

DPS Road Test

- Friendswood Driving School Students: $60
- Non-Friendswood Driving School Students: - In-class Driving Schools: $80
- Parent Taught/Online Courses: $80
- Adult (18+) Course: $80
- Reschedule Fee: $25 (Missing License/Permit, Driver Education Completion Certificate, or Impact Certificate)
- Re-Test Fee: $30
- Friendswood Driving School Vehicle Rental Fee: $25
Friendswood Driving School has been authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DSP) as a Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) certified location. Through this program we are able to administer the basic skills road test through a state certified examiner. Upon successful completion of the basic skills test, testers will be able to apply for and receive a Class C Driver License at any DPS location.


Individuals 16 -17, or 18-24 (Using Teen Driver Education Certificate)
- Non-expired learner license/permit that has been held for a minimum of six months (16-17 only).
-Valid DE-964/Parent Taught certificate showing completion of a Teen Driver Education Course (Filled out in BLACK ink).
-View the ITTD video and print certificate. Must be completed BEFORE road test and EXPIRES after 90 days.
- Verification of Attendance and Enrollment Form – 16-17 only (Only required at DPS, not required to test at FWDS)
- If Online/Parent taught driver education course: Please ensure that classroom completion date, in-car completion date, 30-hr completion date, along with instructor of record signature in appropriate spaces are completed in BLACK ink.
- Individuals 18-24 years of age (Using Six Hour Adult Driver Education Certificate
- Non-expired restricted driver license/permit.
- Possess a valid ADE-1317 showing completion of a Driver Education Course (If not already on file at DPS).
- View the ITYD video and print certificate. Must be completed BEFORE road test and EXPIRES after 90 days.
Individuals 25 years of age or older:
- Valid restricted driver license.
- View the ITYD video and print certificate. Must be completed BEFORE road test and EXPIRES after 90 days.

Private Adult Behind the Wheel Instruction

Perfect for a new driver or an older driver looking to refresh their driving skills. One-on-one training available with one of our certified driving instructors. Training available in 2-hour time intervals and will prepare you for behind the wheel skills test. Pick-up and drop-off available upon request.
Cost: $275 for 6 hours or $50 per hour of instruction